Russian Sports Massage



“Oleg’s work as a sports massage therapist is an integral part of our training process in preparation for the Olympic games in Brazil.”

Sergei Yatsenko, Olympic Coach, Russian Olympic Triathlon Team


“Oleg is a truly excellent masseur.  He has an extraordinary ability to make your body feel better.

I highly recommend him!”
Paul McKenna, World Renowned UK Hypnotist 

"Oleg Bouimer is an extremely accomplished masseur. I would recommend his services to everyone and in particular to those who are involved in sports teams"

Donnie Walsh, President, The New York Knicks

“I believe every team should have someone as knowledgeable and skillful as Oleg”

Rick Carlisle, Head Coach, Dallas Mavericks – 2011 NBA Champions

Even in celebrity land, a kind of Russian toughness and professionalism was making inroads into physical culture. Oleg Bouimer, a former army pentathlete from Ukraine, for instance, has been performing his vigorous version of Soviet body work on Ringo Starr, Barbara Bach, Steven Meisel, and Tatiana von Furstenberg.


“I have taken literally hundreds and hundreds of hours of advanced training in massage therapy and I have to say that since taking the Russian Sports Massage class, I feel like I have only been to elementary school! Oleg is a very dynamic presenter and the information is of a level that I have not experienced at any time in my 15 years of practice and study.  The potential for bringing better methods of pain relief, injury prevention, and athletic performance is enormous.  Thank you so much for bringing this knowledge to our country!”

Jennifer Sakaris, LMT, NCMMT, CLT – Sarasota, Florida


“I've been a massage therapist for over 15 years and I love learning new techniques.  Over the years, I've taken many Sports/Deep Tissue massage therapy courses and nothing can compare with what I've learned from Oleg's unique Russian Sports Massage techniques.”

Tracey Smith, LMT – Los Angeles, California

“Thank you for opening my eyes to a new approach, techniques, and insight into sports massage!”

Bryan K. Sehl, LMT – Austin, Texas

“Oleg is an amazing teacher! He has the uncanny ability to make everything simple to follow and easy to understand. He has a no bull approach to teaching. In addition to his knowledge and expertise in the area of sports, Oleg also brought such an enthusiasm and passion for his work that I left the classroom feeling like I could literally conquer the world with my hands.”

Irena Kurpiel, NCETM – London, England